Common terms you may hear when disputing a transaction


A dispute is when you ask Chime to look into a possible error with a transaction on your account.


A rebuttal is when we take another look at your claim if you disagree with the initial investigation outcome. We review all the evidence you've given us before, like receipts or invoices, and any new information you provide. 

Request for Document

You have the right to request a copy of the outcome decision documentation. The documentation is a record of the evidence used in the course of the investigation.

New Information

We consider information “new” if it wasn’t provided during the initial claim or prior rebuttal(s), including verbal or written details.

For rebuttals, you must submit new information to re-open the dispute claim. 

Canceled Claim

A canceled or voided dispute occurs when you ask us to cancel your claim.

You can withdraw a dispute at any time before Chime makes a final decision as long as we haven't attempted a chargeback. The dispute is eligible to be reinvestigated later if you choose to dispute it again at a later date.

No Error Found

Chime uses this term after we’ve completed our investigation and confirmed there was no error during the investigation.

Error Found 

We use this term after we've finished our investigation and found evidence that supports the claim of an error.

Temporary Credit

Chime may provide a temporary credit while investigating the dispute claim. The credit is temporary and  may be removed from your account depending on the outcome of the investigation. Temporary credit only applies to some Checking Account related cases, but never for Credit Builder cases. For more information, read What’s a temporary credit?

Finalized Dispute 

This means our investigation of the dispute is complete, and we’ve made a decision about your claim.

Late Notification Claim

This refers to dispute claims that are reported more than 60 calendar days after the statement showing the first disputed transaction was made available.

Member Liability 

If we weren’t notified of the dispute within 60 days of the transaction and we determine that one or more transactions were unauthorized, “member liability”  is the dollar amount you may be responsible for.

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