What's a temporary credit?

Chime may apply a temporary dollar amount to your account while we investigate the transaction(s) you disputed.

If we can’t resolve your dispute within ten business days (20 business days for new accounts), we may add a temporary credit to your account balance to cover the disputed amount.

Remember, a temporary credit is not proof of a decision in your favor, and may be removed from your account depending upon the outcome of the investigation.

Frequently asked questions

What type of disputes/transactions are eligible for temporary credit?

Only Regulation E disputes are eligible for temporary credit.

Eligible transactions for temporary credit Ineligible transactions for temporary credit

Debit Card

  • Unauthorized transaction
  • Canceled transaction
  • Duplicate transaction
  • Paid by other means
  • Incorrect transaction amount
  • ATM cash non-dispense or Cash partial dispense
  • Credit not processed

All ACH Transactions

Pay Anyone Transfers

  • UT and incorrect amount/recipient
  • Non-member error


Debit Card

  • Non-receipt of goods and services
  • Merchandise returned
  • Goods/Services not as described

Late Notification Claims


All Credit Card transactions, including Regulation Z


If I got a temporary credit, what happens to it after Chime investigates my dispute?

If your dispute is approved, the temporary credit will become final and will stay in your account. If your dispute is denied, we remove the credit in five business days from the date of the final decision email.

Please keep enough money in your account to cover the temporary credit amount in case we reverse it. Your account gets drawn negative if we reverse the credit and there’s not enough money on your balance to cover the amount.


Why isn't my Credit Builder dispute eligible for a temporary credit?

Rather than giving you a temporary credit for your Credit Builder dispute, we won't charge you for the disputed amount on your monthly statement while we investigate. This means you aren’t responsible for the disputed amount while we’re reviewing your claim.


How long will it take to get my temporary credit?

If you’re eligible and we haven’t made a final determination on your claim, we’ll apply the temporary credit to your account by the end of the tenth business day (up to 20th business day for new accounts) from the date you filed your dispute.

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