How do I dispute a charge on my card?

There are two ways to dispute transactions:

Chime app Phone

Follow these steps:

  1. On the home screen, tap View Transactions and find the charge you want to dispute.
  2. Tap Problem with this transaction? and follow the prompts.

You can check the status of your dispute in the app after you file it. Read more about that here.

Frequently asked questions

When I file a dispute, what information should I include?

Documentation helps us investigate disputes. If you can, please include the following:

      • Receipts or invoices
      • Information about delivery and shipping
      • Confirmation email(s)
      • Tracking number(s)
      • Any conversations you've had with the merchant about the order(s)
      • Photos of the defective or damaged merchandise
      • Description of the item on the merchant's website, with a link to the page
      • Evidence that the price you paid differs from the listed price
      • Requests to cancel or stop the transaction in writing

When filing a dispute:

      • We'll deactivate your card if it was, lost, stolen, or used for unauthorized transactions.
      • It might be quicker to contact the merchant that made the charge if the issue involves merchandise or service.
      • You should change your password.
      • You should turn off card transactions in the app under Settings > Account management.

What happens to my dispute money if my Checking Account is closed?

If you're in the process of disputing transactions on your Checking Account and are approved for temporary credits or are given final credits for your claim:

      • You'll receive an additional check for the amount credited to your Checking Account.
      • Alternatively, you'll receive a single check if the credits are provided before the first check is issued.
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