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To be eligible for My Paycheck, you must receive to your Chime Checking Account (i) at least two qualifying direct deposit of $200 or more in the preceding 34 days, or (ii) one qualifying direct deposit of $200 or more in the preceding 34 days plus provide additional data. A qualifying direct deposit is a deposit from a single employer or payroll provider by Automated Clearing House (ACH). Your max amount of estimated earnings will be displayed to you within the Chime mobile app, and will be based upon data available to us such as your direct deposit data and transaction history. Your limit may change at any time, at Chime's discretion. My Paycheck is currently only available to eligible new Chime members. My Paycheck is available for eligible members in certain states. Other restrictions may apply. See Terms and Conditions for details and more on how transactions are settled.

My Paycheck provided by Stride Bank, N.A., Member FDIC.


My Paycheck allows you to access money we estimate you to have already earned before your direct deposit date. We estimate your pay day-by-day, increasing the amount of money you may receive before your next payday. You can access a portion of your paycheck early or instantly,1 and multiple times per pay period, up to your assigned limit. There is a minimum transfer limit of $20, which means your Available Now must be at least $20 to make a My Paycheck transfer request.

When your direct deposit arrives, Chime will deposit it to your checking account and deduct any instant transfer fees,1  in addition to the amount you received early.

Set up My Paycheck

If you’re eligible, you’ll see a prompt to set up My Paycheck in the Chime app.

Frequently asked questions

How is this different from Chime’s “Get paid up to 2 days early” feature?

Getting paid up to 2 days early allows you to receive your pay up to two days before your payday, and we never charge a fee for this feature.

My Paycheck allows you to access a percentage of what we’ve estimated you’ve earned to date in your current pay period before your next payday. After your next direct deposit posts on payday, the amount you received early will be deducted from your checking account, leaving the remainder of your pay available for you to use.2

How do I sign up for My Paycheck?

If you’re eligible, you’ll receive a notification in your Chime app. Just tap the notification and follow the prompts to sign up.

1 Are there any fees for accessing your paycheck early with My Paycheck?

Chime offers two options to its members in terms of how fast you get access to your money. Accessing your paycheck early for free with My Paycheck takes up to 2 days for the funds to be deposited into your checking account. However, you can instantly access your paycheck for a fee of $1.99; the fee will be charged each time you complete the transfer instantly, up to 10 times per pay period. 

To access your paycheck instantly in the app:

      1. Go to My Paycheck
      2. Tap Get My Paycheck
      3. Enter the amount of your pay that you’d like to receive instantly.
      4. Tap the option Instantly when asked how fast you want it, and tap Next.
      5. Review your transfer and tap Confirm

After accessing your paycheck instantly, we won’t charge the fee to your checking account at the time of the transfer. Rather, the fee will be charged upon receiving your next direct deposit on payday. If you’ve withdrawn multiple times within the same pay period, we’ll deduct the fee as a single transaction for the total combined cost of all your instant transfer fees, up to a maximum amount of $19.90.

Why did my available limit change?

Your available limit for My Paycheck is determined based on several factors, which may include historical direct deposits and payroll data. A change to these and other factors may cause an increase or decrease to your available amount.

I used to have access to My Paycheck early, but I don’t anymore. What happened?

This may be due to a change in your direct deposit or the status of your prior settlement.

Why is the Chime app asking me to share my GPS location?

For some of our members, we are exploring how we can use GPS location to estimate your daily pay. GPS data currently will not be used to determine limits or product availability.

2What's the “My Paycheck Settlement” transaction that was taken out of my direct deposit?

When you use My Paycheck to access some of your next paycheck early, the amount you received early is deducted from your checking account when your direct deposit posts. So, if you receive $500 early, we’ll deduct any instant transfer fees1 and then the $500 you received early from your checking account when your next qualifying direct deposit arrives. The remainder of your deposit will stay in your checking account.

Note: If you don’t receive a qualifying direct deposit for 34 days, the outstanding balance will be automatically settled from any direct deposit (except for bank transfers, trial deposits, tax refunds, or commissions).  

The settlement transaction appears after your direct deposit transaction posts, with the title "My Paycheck Settlement."


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