How do I deposit a check into my Chime Checking Account?

Eligible members can deposit a check using the Chime mobile app by following these steps:

        1. Tap Move Money.
        2. Tap Mobile check deposit.
        3. Select the type of check you want to deposit and follow the steps.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if I'm eligible?

You can become eligible to deposit checks if you've received a qualifying direct deposit of at least $1. Qualifying direct deposits include those from:

      • An employer or payroll provider. You must receive employer and payroll provider deposits as automated clearing house (ACH) transfers.
      • A gig economy payer. Gig economy payments can be received as ACH transfers or Original Credit Transactions (OCT).
      • A government benefit. You must receive government benefit deposits as automated clearing house (ACH) transfers. This includes SSI. However, tax refunds do not count as qualifying direct deposits.

We will automatically enable mobile check deposit in your app one business day after you become eligible.

Please note that not all Chime members are eligible to deposit checks via the Chime mobile app. Eligibility is based on the history of any Chime-branded accounts you have, your qualifying direct deposit amounts and history, and other risk-based factors.

How do I know if my check can be deposited?

You may deposit any check that meets the following requirements:

      • Is payable only to you in U.S. dollars
      • Is free of alterations, illegible items, or signs of fraud
      • Has not been previously deposited at another institution
      • Is from a financial institution located within the U.S.
      • Is dated within the last 6 months
      • Is not a digital reproduction
      • Was not created remotely (meaning, a check created by a merchant with a buyer’s checking account number on it, but without the buyer’s original signature)

The following items are not eligible for Mobile Check Deposit:

      • Money orders
      • Travelers cheques
      • Savings bonds
      • Non-negotiable instruments, such as promissory notes
      • Starter checks
      • Counter checks

How do I know if my check is a U.S. Treasury check?

U.S. Treasury checks say United States Treasury in bold letters and feature an image of the Statue of Liberty on the left side. They’re used for payments like tax refunds and government benefits. When depositing a U.S. Treasury check, be sure to write "For deposit at Chime only" on one of the endorsement lines on the back.

Note: If your check is from a state government, you should choose Other as the check type.

What can I do if my check gets rejected?

Checks may be rejected for a number of reasons. We will send you a push notification and an email with more information if this happens, and you may be able to resubmit your check. For more information, please read the Prohibited Checks section of your Deposit Account Agreement.

How should I photograph my check?

      • Place the check on a clean, dark surface without any other items visible.
      • Use good lighting.
      • Make sure all 4 corners of the check are visible in the photo.
      • Make sure your camera is properly focused.
      • Smooth out any wrinkles or creases in the check.

How long will I have to wait to get my money from a deposited check?

You may need to wait up to five business days for your money to appear in your account. This hold time helps us ensure the check clears and allows us to accept more checks through our app. Your money will appear in your account five business days after you deposit the check.

Is there anything else I should know about Mobile Check Deposits?

      • Checks with textured or patterned backgrounds may fail to deposit.
      • Joint checks must be endorsed by both payees.
      • You should always endorse your checks in ink.
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