How do I request or pay money with Chime’s Pay Anyone feature?

To request or pay money with Pay Anyone in your Chime app:

      1. On the Home screen, tap Pay Anyone.
      2. Tap either Request or Pay.
      3. Search a friend by name or $ChimeSign, or type in the email or phone number of someone not on Chime or in your contact list.
      4. Enter the amount you want to pay or request.
      5. Add a message if you want.
      6. Tap Pay or Request.

After you send a request, the other person will receive a text message or email from Chime. If they're not a Chime member, they'll have 14 days to accept the money by entering their debit card details. If they don't, the money comes back to your Checking Account. Unclaimed payments to non-members can be canceled in the app, but payments to other Chime members are instant* and irreversible. For more information, read How do I accept a Pay Anyone transfer if I’m not a Chime member?

Frequently asked questions

How long until a Pay Anyone transfer request shows up?

Transfers between Chime members are typically instant*. Non-members have 14 calendar days to accept the transfer, or it’ll be returned to the sender.

What if I send money to the wrong person by mistake?

Transfers to Chime members are instant and irreversible. Please make sure your payment details are correct before confirming, as our Member Services team can’t cancel or reverse these transfers. If you’re unsure, confirm the recipient’s $ChimeSign (if they’re a member) and/or send a small payment first to confirm it's the right person.

Transfers to non-members can be canceled if they haven’t yet claimed the payment.

How can I see my Pay Anyone activity?

You can view your activity on the Pay Anyone home screen in your app. To check your transactions with other people, select a recipient’s name in the feed.

Your activity feed is private to you.

*Funds are automatically debited from your Checking Account and typically deposited into the recipient’s Checking Account within seconds. Pay Anyone transactions will be monitored and may be held, delayed or blocked if the transfer could result in fraud or another form of financial harm. Sometimes instant transfers can be delayed.

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