How do I set up direct deposit?

To set up a direct deposit to your Chime Checking Account, you have three options:

    • Let Chime handle it with Automatic Setup in the app,
    • Get a completed direct deposit form to give to your employer, payroll provider or benefits payer, or
    • You can provide your employer, payroll provider or benefits payer with your routing and account numbers. 

See how to set up direct deposit for different deposit types below.

Set up direct deposit

For employers and payroll providers:

Chime app
    1. From the home screen, tap Move Money.
    2. Tap Move your direct deposit.
    3. Copy your routing number and account number and share them with your employer or payroll provider.

You can also tap Get completed form and we will email you a completed direct deposit PDF form. You can print this form and give it to your employer.

A third option is to have Chime locate your employer and set up direct deposit through the app, if your employer or payroll provider is supported. Tap Find employer and follow the steps.


We only accept deposits that match the name on the Chime account. All other deposits are returned to the payer.

For gig economy payers:

These employers need your Chime Visa® Debit Card information to set up your direct deposit, not your routing and account numbers. To receive these deposits, transactions on your debit card must be turned on. To enable transactions in the app:

    1. Tap Settings.
    2. Tap Account info.
    3. Under Checking, make sure the toggle switch next to Allow transactions is green.

For US Treasury deposits (e.g. IRS) or Government benefits providers (e.g. SSI):

For US Treasury deposits, unemployment benefits, and Social Security deposits, you must provide the payer with your routing and account numbers. They may also ask for a voided check, bank name, or bank address, which you can provide by forwarding them your completed direct deposit form. Find this in the app or website under Move Money. From there, you can either tap Get completed form in the app, or click Print or Download on the website.

Frequently asked questions

I set up a direct deposit in the app, but it's saying I didn’t. What’s wrong?

When you set up direct deposit in the app using Find employer, it can take up to two pay cycles for your direct deposit to switch to your Chime Checking Account. Until you receive that first deposit, the direct deposit message will appear in the app.

What if I can’t find my employer on the list in the app?

If you can’t find your employer in the app after tapping Find employer, you’ll have to set up the direct deposit manually by providing your employer with your routing and account numbers. You can find these on the website under Move Money or in the app by going to Move Money > Move your direct deposit and tapping Get completed form.

I tapped “Get completed form” in the app, but still haven’t received my form.

Try the following:

    • Check your spam or junk inbox for the email.
    • Make sure the email associated with your Chime account is correct (this is where the form will be sent).

If you’re still having trouble, try accessing the form on Click Move Money you’ll have the option to directly print or download the form.

I used the routing number that I found in the app, but it's not working. What’s wrong?

If you’re using the routing number found in the app and still having issues, chat with us in the app or call (844)-244-6363.

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