What are the fees?

Chime has no minimum balance, monthly fees, or overdraft fees. We don’t believe in hidden fees or profiting from our members’ misfortune. We want to keep everything out in the open so you know exactly what fees we may charge, which are listed below.

All fee amounts will be withdrawn from your Chime Spending Account. They will be assessed as long as there is a remaining balance in your Chime Spending Account, except where prohibited by law.

Any time your remaining balance is less than the fee amount being assessed, the balance of your Chime Spending Account will be applied to the fee amount. This results in a zero balance on your Chime Spending Account. 

You can also find this fee schedule in our  Account Agreement.

*If you use an ATM not owned by us for any transaction, including a balance inquiry, you may be charged a fee by the ATM operator -- even if you do not complete a withdrawal. This ATM fee is a third-party fee amount assessed by the individual ATM operator only and is not assessed by us. This ATM fee amount will be charged to your Chime Spending Account.
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