How do I check the status of my dispute? 

Chime offers a feature that allows you to check on the status of your dispute anytime without texting or calling. It’s super convenient and very simple. 

To check the status of your dispute in-app: 

  1. Once you’re logged into the app, navigate to your home screen and scroll to the ‘View Disputes’ widget located under ‘Spending and Saving Account Information’ on the home screen of the Chime App.
  2. Clicking on the ‘View Dispute’ widget shows a detailed overview that gives more information on the status and the timeline. 

Why does it take so long to resolve a dispute? 

Every dispute is different, so it's imperative that we thoroughly investigate each dispute. If you filed a dispute and provided a written claim form within 10 business days of the filing date, here’s what to expect: 

  1. Written Claim Form: You should have received an email with a written claim form attached for you to complete. You can also send your own written statement through the Chime app or via email to It is very important that you complete this form or a written statement and submit it back to us within 10 business days of filing your claim.
    • If there is additional documentation you feel may assist us with our investigation, please include it along with the completed form. This includes documentation of communication with the merchant. Please return the completed written claim form or your written statement plus any additional documentation by email to or via in app. 
  2. Provisional Credit: If you’re eligible for a provisional credit, and we are unable to complete our investigation in 10 business days (20 business days if your account is new), you will receive a temporary credit to use while we finish the investigation. You can expect this credit by the end of the 10th business day (20th business day for new accounts). 
  3. Investigation: After a dispute is filed, a member of our Dispute Investigation team immediately starts to review your claim. A dispute can take 45-90 days to resolve depending on the dispute type and merchant. You will receive email notification after a final determination is made.
  4. Final Decision: We will notify you of our decision when we complete our investigation. If we find the claim in your favor and a provisional credit was issued, the provisional credit will be made permanent. If we do not find the claim in your favor and a provisional credit was issued, the provisional credit will be reversed. The reversal will occur 5 business days after we notify you of our final decision, and the date of the reversal will be included in the notice.

Is there a way to receive credit faster? 

Sometimes, it may be faster to contact the merchant that made the charge. In many cases, the merchant can cancel or reverse the transaction. If you have already contacted the merchant and they’ve issued credit, credit can take 5-7 business days to post to your Chime Spending Account.

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