Does Chime sell or share my personal information?

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I noticed that Chime says it sells or shares my information. What does that mean?

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), requires Chime to let you know that it may sell or share your personal information. However, the words “sell” and “share” under the CCPA are broadly defined and we don’t sell or share information in the way that you might commonly interpret the words. 

Chime, like many companies, uses tracking technologies on its website and mobile app to perform analytics and to better personalize your experience. The CCPA defines “sell” and “share” very broadly, and making information available to third-party analytics or advertising providers in exchange for their services can be considered a sale or share, even when no money is changing hands.


Does Chime sell my personal information? 

Chime doesn’t  provide information that you might typically think of as personal information to third parties in exchange for money (e.g., address, account numbers, or SSN). 

Rather, the information shared does not identify you by name, but is a unique identifier such as an advertising ID, cookie ID, or hashed email address. This is shared for advertising and/or analytic purposes, which may be used to track your online activities and to help us improve our business and marketing efforts.


How can I opt out? 

You can opt out by switching on the “Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information” toggle in your app settings. You can also opt out by clicking the link in the footer of our homepage. However, because you are not logged in, the settings accessed from the homepage will not be saved to your user settings and will only stop selling or sharing on our website during your current session.


What happens when I opt out? 

When you opt out of the sale of your personal information, certain analytics and advertising trackers that are considered a sale or share will turn off. However, this preference can only be saved when you’re logged in. If you enact this preference on a Chime webpage where you’re not logged in, your settings won’t be saved to your user profile and will only remain active for your current browser session.


Why did I never receive notification of this change yet I see the opt-out options?

Currently, only California law requires companies to offer an opt-out option for the selling or sharing of personal information. Therefore, if your state of residence on your Chime profile is not California, you may not have received an email about this change. However, you may still see the options to opt out in the app and on our website.

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